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WORLD CLASS CLASSICS is an international company based in Nagoya, Japan created to provide quality classic cars from around the world to Japan. Our concept is simple. AUTOMOBILES FROM THE PAST TO THE FUTURE. We provide vehicles through a nework of trusted sources and technicians from around the world. This get us the best quality cars, rare finds and reliability that we can offer these fine automobiles to our customers in Japan.

Driving a WORLD CLASS CLASSIC is like driving a car from the past in excellent condition but you can have the experience now. Imagine this like time traveling or stepping back to 1966 or 1970 and driving your dream car - that is what we provide.

WORLD CLASS CLASSICS is founded by Ikutada Komatsu (President) a real car enthusiast and partnered by Robert N. Moore (Co-Partner/Coordinating Manager) - a American muscle car fan.

Their love of classic cars ignighted the idea to share the experience with others in Japan.

Feel comfortable knowing we pride ourseves on TRUST, QUALITY, RELATIONSHIPS & TOTAL-EXPERIENCE.

We also offer biligual assitance in both English and Japanese.